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The United Kingdom has a well-deserved reputation for sensible regulation. It was an innovator in deregulation and economic regulation, and it is now home to tough no-nonsense regulators who nevertheless deploy sensible discretion about who to punish and when. There have however been some dreadful regulatory failures. And the burden of regulation is getting heavier, not only for business but also for the police, teachers etc. - and for taxpayers who have to foot the bill. Are we over-protecting our children? And is 'the regulatory state' now too powerful?

This Understanding Regulation website aims to provide an authoritative but accessible introduction to the activities of UK regulators. It is written for the general public, journalists, civil servants, students and other non-experts. It therefore seeks to avoid technicality, whilst offering broadly accurate information and a balanced range of views. Please do email the author (see below) if you have any suggestions for ways in which the site might be improved, or if you would like to draw attention to any views or interesting material which might be included.

Its sister Civil Service site provides information about, and examines the skills and effectiveness of, the UK Civil Service.

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